10 Best Telegram Option Trading Channels 2022

Best Telegram Option Trading Channels 2022

Are you trying to find the finest Telegram channel for trading options? If so, this article is just what you have been seeking for. You must be aware of the fundamental fact that the majority of online channels are not at all good.

Few people actually have subscribers; most just have fake ones. As a result, we've identified some of the best telegram option trading channels and groups in this post that can make call-put options calls very accurately. However, we strongly recommend to check all the groups and their calls before putting your capital at risk.

Best Telegram Option Trading Channels 2022
Option Trading Channels On Telegram 

What is the Option Trading Telegram Channels?

Some people exclusively trade NSE's Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty Index Options. According to its name, BankNifty includes all of India's well-known banking equities, including HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI, AXIS, KOTAK, and others.

A Bank Nifty Option Trading Telegram Channel, as the name suggests, genuinely assists its subscribers with options trading. They might achieve it by disseminating information via charts and visuals.

While some channels offer the greatest Call Trading Option for free on their networks. Additionally, you might discover several SEBI-registered Telegram channels for option trading that charge you for this particular type of call.

Best Telegram Channel for Option Trading 2022

You may definitely expand your business with the help of a beautiful Telegram channel. Here, we've included a few of the most well-liked Telegram channels for trading options. Although the list is incomplete, we did our best to compile it.

If you don't want to miss the upcoming channels, bookmark this page. Go through this best options Trading Telegram channels article to get your next best trading source.

1. Option Magic Telegram Channel

The most magical Telegram channel you can find is Option Magic. You better believe I've been watching this channel for a while. The quantity and caliber of the signal that this channel transmits are quite impressive.

We are finding it really simple to regularly perform Option Calls thanks to the guys behind it. Again, if you are new to the share market and would like some free advice, this channel would undoubtedly be of assistance to you.

Are you prepared for the world of options trading? If so, you must not miss this channel.

2. Hub for Option Trading

The greatest Telegram channel for option trading is Options Trading Hub. Actually, they are the top options trading players. They regularly offer a lot of free calls for new users in their channel.

Additionally, if you are satisfied with their free calls, you can buy their paid service as well. As opposed to the Free Telegram Channel, the Paid Service will fully look after you and offer more calls.

3. Shree Tech Analysis 

Another popular Telegram channel for options trading is SHREE TECH ANALYSIS. The calls' quality as presented here is incredibly accurate. Once more, their paid service is valuable and important. This channel is run by a group of actual traders who work around the clock to provide their viewers the best calls.

If you want some free calls to make money, you can select to join this channel once. Again, joining this channel is entirely up to you. Before choosing their premium subscription, you may also examine the correctness of the prior calls.

4. Bank Nifty - Trade With RS

Bank Nifty Calls are the main focus of trade with this group. You can check out their free calls on their channel, and they are really skilled at what they do.

The abbreviation for the channel owner is RS. This channel has a large selection of study resources since they prioritize giving their users the proper information first. Once more, you will receive some free calls every day.

5. Profits Everyday

This telegram option trading channels Profits Everyday, which specializes in offering analysis-based suggestions on options trading, is one of the top Telegram channels for Bank Nifty and stock options. Every day, they offer one free choice call. The channel has added more than 10,000 active subscribers in a short period of time. 

You will receive alerts on when to exit a trade and book profits in addition to sure-fire options calls. Additionally, they offer excellent services at reasonable costs. They assert that it takes 2-3 trades to recoup membership costs.

  • Paid and free services
  • affordable premium services
  • appropriate goals and stop losses
  • Large objectives and a small stop-loss
  • 25–35k in capital is needed.
  • Individualized assistance via Telegram

6. Bank Nifty - 20 Paisa.com

A very well-liked channel in the option industry is 20Paisa.com. It's a well-established channel that consistently offers high-quality feeds on a regular basis. On the other hand, this channel will undoubtedly contain a wealth of important information.

You might select to join these free option trading calls on Telegram if you want to learn how to trade options. Once more, the channel offers a ton of useful material coupled with the appropriate explanation.

7. Intraday Equity Trade

Timing is everything in intraday trading! One of the top intraday recommendations providers in India is Equity Intraday Trade. It may be the ONLY Algorithm-based Telegram channel.

They offer a range of intraday tips, such as Nifty and Bank Swing and stock intraday calls, as well as Nifty options. Additionally, they provide individualized services to those who frequently trade and want to learn professional trading.

  • Daily free equity intraday calls
  • Nifty and Bank-nifty transactions are free.
  • proper goals and stop losses
  • Algorithmic trading
  • minimal to none promotional content

8. Bombay Trading Telegram Group

Bombay Traders is a new bank nifty channel on Telegram that specializes in banknifty trading. They are cherished for their risk-free, sure-fire bank nifty calls that have lofty objectives and modest stop losses.

The channel quickly attracted more than 3000 active subscribers. They provide interested traders with one demo/free call every day in addition to premium services.

  • One daily free bank-nifty call
  • 90 percent maximum accuracy
  • Hefty targets with modest stop losses
  • little financial requirement

9. Shree Ganesh Investing & Trading Telegram

Another simple Telegram channel for trading banknifty options is this one. Early in the morning, you'll receive one of the best banknifty advice with appropriate aims (and stop-loss if you join their premium membership).

You will receive updates on the suggestions given, including whether to book profits or track the stop-loss, in addition to calls.

Great, isn't that right? Let's examine the characteristics:

  • One free daily banknifty call that is guaranteed
  • The premium group's daily trading and investing ideas
  • To receive the premium membership and free positional trading recommendations, simply register an IIFL Demat account.

10. [NIFM Certified] Bulls Bears Traders Telegram Group

A government organization called the National Institute of Financial Management (NISM) certifies research analysts. One of the top stock market tipsters on Telegram and a member of NIFM is Bulls Bears Traders.

For intraday investors of all skill levels and backgrounds, they offer banknifty trading ideas. Bulls Bears Traders have an incredible accuracy rate of 90%, making them the greatest intraday trading advisor in their field. This is a good option trading telegram group.

  • Equity Stock Options for Bank-nifty & Nifty
  • educational materials
  • More than 13,000 active users
  • Offer hero 0 market calls with weekly expiry

Several Dos and Don'ts for Trading Options


  • Only answer calls from analysts and professionals.
  • Stick closely to your targets and stop loss.
  • Both losses and gains should be anticipated while trading options.
  • Before deciding to subscribe to paid services, make and test out demo calls.
  • Always watch an option call after you take it.
  • Be tolerant.
  • Avoid trading alone.
  • Don't put all of your money into one call.
  • Don't answer numerous calls at once.
  • When the destination is reached, resist the want to run away.
  • Expect small earnings while trading options.


We hope you have liked our article on Best telegram option trading channels. However, Trading in options is very different from trading in equities stocks. With options, you have the potential to simultaneously lose all of your cash and see it quadruple or triple in a matter of hours. There are very little odds that you will lose all of your money when investing in stocks.

Beginners shouldn't trade on their own for this reason. And Telegram is a fantastic, cost-free network where you can communicate with and benefit from knowledgeable stock market specialists. You can trust them; by using their calls, you'll make up the costs in a few trading sessions. Some of the channels we've described above also provide paid option calls and personalized services.

We wish you luck in your trading journey and finally, it's not a game so think of it as investing not gambling. If you have any questions or feedbacks we would love to hear them.  



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