60+ Singapore Telegram Channels & Groups 2022

Welcome to a new detailed article on best Singapore telegram groups to join in 2022.

A directory of Singapore telegram groups and channels where you may obtain news, make new friends, and even invest. In addition, the list below has a diverse selection of telegram channels. From entertainment channels to groups to everyday use, there is something for everyone.

A list of the top telegram groups in Singapore or with a large number of Singaporean members. Many great telegram groups for talking, dating, and other purposes may be found here.

Singapore Telegram Channels & Groups 2022
Singapore Telegram Groups and Channels Links

Friendship Deal from Ezbuy

Here you can advertise your store or online store. There are almost 1,200 subscribers. However, it's best for selling wholesale products. Because the majority of the members are also vendors.

SG Hitch

A telegram group dedicated to connecting hitchers and passengers at a reasonable cost. There is no middleman; the corporation comes between you. There are only hitchers and riders. Riders can accept ride information by sending a message to hitchers. It's a simple and practical method for hitchers and riders to save money on the middle man. Riders can access a large number of rides through the group. It has around 70,000 members.

SG Road Talk

Informers chat room. You can get assistance from others in the group. Learn about traffic accidents and MRT delays to help others avoid them. It has over 15,000 members.

Models and Talents in Singapore

Photographers, photo editors, makeup artists, and other industry professionals can join a telegram group. You can follow top experts by connecting with them. Can locate technicians, editors, photographers, and models for your upcoming major project. It has almost 1,600 members.

The Nightlife

A telegram community for nightlife, camping, and travel enthusiasts. Can discover fantastic new locations for camping, parties, and BBQ pits. You can tell those guys in the group about your experience and recommend sites you like. Also, you may be able to attend parties hosted by group members. It has almost 25,000 members.

Telegram Channels in Singapore:

A selection of Singapore telegram channels for various uses. Each channel has a basic description that includes the number of subscribers. Remember to check out the channel list at the bottom of the page.


Official local government telegram channel for sending local news updates. You'll be able to keep up with the latest government news as soon as it becomes available. These days, he posts extremely critical Covid 19 updates to keep the community informed. There are around 300,000 subscribers.

Student Promotions in Singapore

A fantastic deals telegram channel for Singapore students. Deals from local retailers, network providers, and the college offer for student cardholders and college students are discussed. Not only do we publish deals, but we also post college announcements, scholarship information, and updates. As a student, you will receive the majority of the updates. It has around 40,000 subscribers.

Part Timers SG

Finding better work prospects and better job searchers is really difficult. This channel is for making the recruiting and job-search process easier. It's quite active and frequently offers employment positions. Every day, at least 20-40 job postings are posted. You can apply directly using the Telegram client. 

All of the job postings are well-maintained and simple to deal with for both job searchers and employers. Every job opening comes with all of the necessary information. Working location, hourly/monthly compensation, needs, skill level, and duties are just a few examples. You do not need to click on the link to see further information, all of the information is provided for your convenience.

Foodies G Kiasu

A telegram channel dedicated to foodies. If you enjoy cooking, you should never miss this channel. Posts about local eateries, grocery stores, and even banks offering discounts. You can notice bank offers while shopping from certain eateries, which save you money and give you great prices. You can also see so many delicious delicacies all around you to discover new juicy foods. With each promotion, all of the specifics of the deal are posted. Making it simple to locate better deals. You may also use the channel to market your local eatery to a large audience. With over 173,000 subscribers.

Jobs SG United

Additionally, there is an active telegram channel that posts Singaporean employment openings. Every day, 8-10 job vacancies are posted. All of the material is provided in conjunction with the job opening. You'll need duties, criteria, and experience, among other things. The majority of job listings are from reputable companies. Job postings for software developers, web developers, and carpenters have over 31,000 members.

New Releases in Singapore

Shares worthwhile movie show reviews. All of the reviews are written by their team, and each piece is linked to their website. Every day, a movie, series, or show is reviewed. It has over 16,000 subscribers.

MRT Updates in Singapore

To avoid delays and annoyance, get free real-time MRT disruption and delay notifications. If you use MRT frequently, join this channel and switch on notifications. To provide better service, shares every single update immediately. You can get to your destinations via alternative routes or paths. To gain a better understanding, the delay time and the delay explanation are posted. has almost 34,000 active users.

Food Deals in Singapore

A telegram channel for Singaporean food promotion. 4-6 updates each day are posted. Restaurants are sharing 1-1 specials, discount deals, and other types of discounts through the platform. Not only are foods promoted, but also other types of purchasing offers. 

However, the majority of the bargains are related to food. You can also use this channel to market your local business because it accepts sponsored advertisements. With over 106,000 subscribers.

The Straits Times

Stay up to current on local and international news. This station broadcasts local and international news of interest to Singaporeans. With over 122,000 subscribers.

Weekend Plans in Singapore

Prior to covid, it was a weekend destination with telegram channel advertising. It now offers tech deals, gadgets, network operator deals, and online shopping bargains as a result of the covid situation. It will begin providing amazing destinations, vacation offers, and deals to enjoy. It has about 54,000 subscribers.

Sense And Dollars

Financial, stock market, and foreign exchange news, information, and articles are all available. To better manage your stocks, finances, and other assets. Posts insurance news, new insurance alternatives, new investment opportunities, and other financial-related information. They are constantly uploading high-quality content on such themes to the channel, which you may view immediately. There are around 20,000 subscribers.

SG Share Investor

For stock market investors, this is a fantastic telegram channel. These telegram channels provide access to the most recent news about local businesses. Their stock prices plummet, and corporate profiles provide useful information about many public corporations. There are almost 4000 subscribers.

SG Health & Fitness

Promotes fitness centre specials and offers by sharing fitness suggestions. Also, gives information, tutorials, articles, and webpages regarding fitness applications and websites that can make it easier to stay in shape. It has over 10,000 subscribers.

Singapore Travel Promotions

As stated in the title, shares information on travel-related promotions. Shares information about airline tickets, hotel deals, restaurant specials, and travel destinations. Subscribe to receive the most recent offers from Singapore's leading travel and hotel businesses. It has approximately 50,000 followers.

Budget Babes in Singapore

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Shares promos and offers from retailers and websites that sell women's clothing. Beauty and hair salons are also promoting their offerings. Every day, she shares 4-6 offer posts. All of the specifics, including how you obtain the deal, are included with each offer. It has approximately 40,000 followers.

Part Timers SG

There are many students and locals looking for part-time work. This channel offers fantastic part-time jobs all across Singapore. Every day, 30-40 job postings are posted on this channel. Some are full-time positions, while the majority are part-time. Each job opening notice comes with the necessary details. has almost 115,000 active users.

Personal Finance Seedly

Finance and insurance are topics that everyone should be familiar with. Get the most up-to-date information on scams so you can avoid them. Bank rates, deposit rates, insurance alternatives, and a variety of other financial services are all available here. Provides a wealth of information, as well as access to additional resources. For each post they share, you can also ask questions in the channel. It has approximately 50,000 followers.

SG Goody Feed

Shares great content from their website. Daily, provide at least 5 articles that will entertain your readers. These stories cover tech news, social issues, restaurant specials, internet shopping deals, and business opportunities. Not only are articles shared, but also videos. More than 32,000 people have signed up for it.

Singapore telegram groups
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Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and hope you have found, that you were looking for! This is an in-depth article about best Singapore telegram groups. All information is properly researched and gathered from different sources, so you can find the right telegram group to join.

Telegram is one of Singapore's greatest social media platforms. For Singaporeans, there are numerous telegram channels and organizations. The majority of them have above 20,000 participants. Many individuals prefer the Telegram platform to other platforms because of its extensive capabilities.

For various objectives, there are fantastic groups and channels. Hichers, investors, foodies, and students, for example, enjoy a diverse range of channels and organizations. The majority of the channels and groups are active, sharing a large number of messages and offers each day, ensuring that the community is kept engaged.

Job openings have greater deals on these platforms and groups for local company owners. Through those methods, you can access a high-quality, relevant community. Making it simple and effective. Unlike other platforms, websites have users associated with each category, which you can easily target through advertising at a reasonable cost. To be highlighted, make sure to remark on the invitation links of groups and channels that you control or participate in. We'll put it on our to-do list.

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